Sunday, I gave thanks.  I gave up an extra two hours of sleep and rose at 5 to meet God and the sunrise at the beach.  To be honest, that wasn’t much of a sacrifice of sleep.  I’m pretty sure I got the better end of the deal.  I got God, sunrise, beach; they got me…  I was there to give thanks.

Today, I had food to share with a stray dog. He warmed my feet for a while in return.

My mind was too full, and there was too much to look at for me to be as focused, still, and meditative as I wanted to be, but I was present none-the-less.  The sunrise was misty gray and cloud-shrouded, as unclear as my mind was, but still lovely.  There was a half-starved stray dog who got the PB&J I’d taken with me for breakfast.  I listened to music and a podcast from my church back home.  I listened to the wind and the waves.  I listened to the birds wake up.  I dug my toes in the sand and tried to ignore the stink of salty driftwood all around me.  As the sun rose, I went walking, not able to sit still for the whole length of my play list.  And so, imperfect and distracted as I can be, I gave thanks:

Saturday, the Internet came to my house.     I am alive.     I am breathing.     The ocean.     The sand.    The birds.     My family, friends, and strangers who will become part of those groups one day.     My heart beats.     I am here.     God speaks to me.     I have the ability to think, write, speak, walk.     There was a starving dog and I had food to give.     I am loved.     I have time.     I am being allowed to chase a dream.     I have joy.     Music.     Faith.     Hope.     Journeys taken and yet to be taken.     Every day is an adventure.     I can pray for peace.     Toes.     Butterflies.     God is Love and Mercy.     The majesty of Mother Nature is God’s wisdom incarnate for us to see.     I can love.    Sisters of all kinds.     7 years as a teacher of children I loved.

For these things and too many others to name, I gave thanks.  What, then, are you thankful for?