Today, I had my ear lobes nibbled.

Softly, sweetly, ticklishly, nibbled.

Then I was urinated on.

Amazingly, I didn’t slap anybody for that.  How could I?  The nibbles were the curious taste-testing of a young raccoon (bandito, in Spanish).  My earrings were shiny and swingy, and she was perched in my arms within easy reach.  Raccoon nibbles are snuffly and gentle and I burst out laughing.

The urine was equally innocent.  It was Evie (I know!).  She’s a baby Howler monkey (mono congo).  She was sitting on my shoulder, snuggled under the end of my ponytail, with her pencil-thin but surprisingly strong tail wrapped around my neck.  She was warmer than me, being an animal of the tropics, and at first I just thought she’d stretched a leg down my back when I felt a  warm line between my shoulders.  Then I realized: no, she just peed on me.  Sigh.

Oh well.  I got to snuggle babies all afternoon.  What’s a little urine in the face of sweet monkey lovin’?

In case you’re wondering if I’ve gone completely nuts and moved into a cave in the jungle, don’t worry.  I realized that I’ve been bored to tears and completely uninspired to write the last few weeks, so I started volunteering at Rainsong Wildlife Sanctuary on the weekends.  Today was my first day, and I am already loving it.  Urine not withstanding.

I love my life.

Now I’m gonna go take a shower.