I’ve done a lot of ‘growing’ while I’ve been here in Costa Rica, but I realize there’s still more to do.  This morning, as I often do, I got up and ran a few loads of laundry while also doing my morning yoga.  Needless to say, switching the laundry around and getting it out to dry in the morning sun interrupts my yoga practice and makes it take a while.  When I looked at the sky and realized it was 9:30 or so, which is kind of late for finishing my yoga, I caught myself thinking, “Man, I’ve got things to do today.  I need to hurry up and get this yoga over with so I can get to writing.”

Not by any stretch is that the first time I’ve had that thought or one like it, but it was the first time I really listened to myself.  Then I sat back and thought about what that message was really saying.


Slow down and take time to smell the flowers.

“Hurry up and get yoga over with so I can get to writing…”  Hey, isn’t that my workaholic side talking?  Isn’t it saying that work (writing) is more important than the exercise I love and need to do?  Isn’t it saying that accomplishing some work goal is more important than taking care of myself, my health and well-being?  Whoa!  Not okay!


More than half the point of coming here and doing this was to break that self-destructive cycle of worrying about a job and money and such instead of taking care of myself.  Not that I don’t need to work, but I worked too much and got really unhealthy, so I came here so I could do both and do them in the right measures.  More taking care of me, less overworking…

I’m getting better at it, but this morning’s little revelation proved to me that I still have quite a way to go yet.  Every recovery program says that awareness is the first step to improving.  I am aware.

Maybe I’ll take a nap today, just to tell that workaholic voice to go stick it!