Flowers and fruit flourish even when the leaves take a hiatus.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a post today entitled “The 7 Laws of Me” and it made me think: If there are laws I’ve established for my life, what are they?  While Lin’s blog was intended to be humorous, my responses weren’t.  I’ve learned so much in the last year or so of my life, and have found such a greater sense of happiness within me, that I can’t help but be serious about the rules I’ve begun living by.  So, I thought, why not share them?  My blog, my journey, my rules… makes sense.  Thusly, here are the Seven Laws of Evie:

1) I will not take s&!% too seriously, for nothing lasts forever; I will (try to) not worry.
2) I will be kind, always kind, even if it hurts a little.
3) I will accept myself, and therefore love myself.
4) Because I love myself I will take care of myself (take sick days, spend time in the sun, drink lots of water, etc.)
5) I will take the opportunities life hands me and see where they lead.
6) I will not regret where I find myself, because the road there was an adventure and it’s not over yet.
7) I will balance my time, mind, heart, body, and life, for all things in moderation bring contentment.


So, what about you?  What rules do you live by?