Some days, life just rolls my way and the universe works in my favor.

Some days the sun just sines the right way.

This, of course, starts a story.

About a month ago, I did my normal, daily check of my bank balance only to discover that somebody had used my debit card to make some purchases back in the states.  No idea who or how, since the card itself was in my hands here in CR.  Of course, I did the expected thing: called the bank, reported the fraud, canceled the card, and muttered a whole string of curses as I wondered what the heck I was going to do now.  I was thousands of miles from home, in a country where the postal system is iffy at best and where there are many places that require cash, not plastic.  I had about $100 in effectivo on me, and a credit card that may or may not be useful, depending on what the phone system was like on any given day.  If it’s down, none of the stores can take a card!  Have I mentioned ‘string of curses’?

So, I waited, spent as little as possible, used my credit card (and just sucked it up about the fees) as often as I could… and waited.

The bank had to send the new ATM card to my mom’s house.

My mom had to package it up and send it to me down here.

The people at the rental agency where I get my mail had to actually be IN the office when the county’s one little postal carrier stopped by on his postal delivery motorcycle (seriously) to drop the package off.

Then they had to call me at home to tell me to come get my mail.

And there’s no way to track mail once it leaves the US and heads south.  It just gets here when it gets here.

So I waited.

A whole month.

And called the rental office every few days just to see if someone was in and if they’d gotten any mail.  Usually no one was there.

And I waited.

Two days ago, I spent the last dollar of my actual cash… ‘String of curses,’ anybody?

Today, however, the universe lined up just right to be in my favor.

I was standing in line at the correo (post office), waiting to mail a letter, when the postal carrier came in from his in-town run.  He had a stack of undelivered packages in his hands, and the one on the very top???  Yep, that’s right… had my name all over it.  And in one more stroke of amazing luck, I just happened to have my passport (a DL just won’t do down here) in my purse.  So, I mailed a letter and walked out of the correo with my shiny new ATM card (and the 2 packages of gum my mom hid it in) happily in my hands.

Some days, God and the Universe are just on my side.

I hope your day was as lucky.