Let me just start by saying that I love Yoga.  It’s part of my everyday routine.  It’s pretty much the first thing I do when I wake up each morning.  Get dressed, sweep the porch, roll out the mat, and spend an hour or so waking up my whole self, breathing deep, getting a little sweaty, stretching my body and my mind.  It just makes me feel good.  And it’s healthy.  That’s important to me these days.  However, it also comes with a heavy dose of humor.  Firstly, I’m not always well balanced.  Sometimes I wobble and end up on my ass.  That’s okay.  I giggle and move on, try again.

And then there’s Monday.  No, not the day, the cat.  He seems to think that Yoga time is play with mommy time.  So, there I am, Standing Forward Bend into Lunge, breathe deep and hold it a few breaths, then swing my foot back into Downward Dog… or try to.  Because somewhere between Bend and Lunge, a cat appeared in the middle of my mat.  So I push him away with my foot and slide it on back.  Ahhh, Downward Dog… Monday, doesn’t see Dog, though.  He sees Face In Reach, and is immediately back, flopped under my nose, patting me for attention and purring.


Downward dog into Plank, I can ignore him.  He’s under me, but not in the way until it’s time for Cobra.  He usually scooches over once his life is threatened, but he won’t leave.  The rest of my practice is like that.  No matter how many times I shove him over, pick him up and drop him elsewhere, or even try to get him interested in a toy… being in my way is just so much more fun!

My Tree is rooted by Cat on Foot.

My Warrior includes Kitty in the Middle.

My Corpse is weighed down by Purring Feline.

He’s inescapable.  And then, at last, came his pièce de résistance. Today, after I shooed him away for the umpteenth time, he wandered off in a huff, only to return 5 minutes later with a lizard dangling from his mouth.  A prize.  A treasure.  “I love you. Look what I brought you!”  And he promptly dropped it at my toes.  It wasn’t a dead lizard.  In .2 seconds it had scurried in terror first under the arch of my foot and then halfway up my leg in it’s attempt to escape the Furry Monster of Deadly Eating that is my Monday.  Yep, that’s my life.

Anybody want a Yoga Cat? He's free!