No, I did not buy a half-decent wine, or even a new bottle of gin…  Sadly, today I spent $20 on a bottle of liquid gold sunscreen.  Yep.  Sunscreen.

I thought I had plenty, but I spend lots of time in the sun.  Today, as I was getting ready to head to the beach I heard the unmistakable choking hiss of an aerosol going dry as I attempted to protect myself.  I cursed, shook the can, tried again, and after a few minutes admitted defeat.  Then I went digging through the extra supplies I have stored in my suitcase, but no luck!  I was all out of spray-on sunscreen!

Granted, I have other kinds of sunblock, but without the modern gift that is a spray can I can’t get my own back.  When you live alone in the tropics and spend several days a week at the beach, not sunscreening your back is pretty much suicide.  I’d be stuck inside, or wearing a t-shirt at the beach if I couldn’t screen up.  That just won’t work for me.  So, I sucked it up and headed for the market in Montezuma, knowing I was going to hate what I had to pay.

Sure enough, I picked up the only brand they had of what I needed and: 9890 colones.  And it wasn’t even a name brand!  Sigh.  At least I’m not going to be an over-cooked lobster.

Aparently this stuff is worth its weight in gold!