Happy New Year, everyone!

I took a TESOL certification course in the fall and, just before Thanksgiving, fImageound a holiday retail job to fill in the time, but beyond that I have spent the last few months procrastinating. Not writing or blogging or doing that other important thing: job hunting. The plan all along was to take the class, find a teaching job elsewhere, and get myself back somewhere warm and foreign as soon as I could. Daddy’s death, my sister’s new baby, and the struggles of some of my closest loved ones kind of derailed me emotionally, and I spent a significant amount of time waffling. Am I needed here? Does my dedication to those I love extend to staying for them? Do I have the right to chase my own dreams if it means leaving my people behind indefinitely? Do I have the courage to really go and do this? Could I, instead, stick around and be the starving artist as I work on my writing and feel justified in that?

Eventually, I realized a lot of those questions were ones I’d already answered for myself when I left for Costa Rica, and that my real dilemma was a deeper one. For a while now, I’ve had a deep sense of destiny and the feeling that I was standing at a fork in my path. The longings of my heart were pulling me in both directions at once, and I had to make a choice. I could go and teach; I could travel the world and dip my toes into every language and culture I could reach. I could be the adventurous me. OR I could give room to the other dream to find the place I belong and build the family I’ve always wanted to have. If I were 23, eventually doing both wouldn’t be a question.  A decade after that, at 33, managing to do both seems a lot less likely. Not impossible, just- you know- doubtful.  One way or the other, I had to make a choice and get moving. What did I want more? What was more feasible? What could wait and what wouldn’t be an option later on?

Ultimately, I realized I just had to bite the bullet and get moving. My people were promised, ‘If you need me, just say it and I’ll be here.’ Then, two weeks ago, out went the first round of résumés, followed by a few more every few days. The Universe, it seems, speaks. I got this post-interview e-mail on New Year’s Eve:

Dear Evelyn,

Congratulations! You have been selected to join the team at Al Khaleej

Training & Education in Saudi Arabia! Attached is your offer of employment…

Please review the offer of employment letter and let me know if you have any

Upon acceptance, please [submit the requested documents] so we can

proceed smoothly, we are aiming for a start date of February 4th, 2012. We will

work on visa processing before that to ensure a timely start date.

I knew better than to accept the job immediately without doing a little more research. But I plan to accept, which means that I’ll be on a plane again soon, this time heading for Saudi Arabia. It wasn’t at all where I was expecting to go, but the offer is just too awesome. Every unexpected twist leads to adventure, right? So, the faint taste of gun powder on my tongue, here I go. I can’t wait to share this next journey with you.