Have you ever wanted something so much, so deeply, that you could physically feel it, that it pulled at you from that place inside where your lungs and heart and spine meet, that place where, surely, the soul resides?  Have you ached for a thing just at the edge of your reach and for which you could not find adequate words to explain?  If so, you’ll get this.  If not…

I want to go.  I find myself surfing the ‘net looking for places to which I could travel and things I could do to get me there.  Traveling, getting my feet wet in a new adventure, in a new place, pulls at me like the moon pulls the ocean.  It is a siren song echoing maddeningly as I go about my daily life.

I so much wanted to be out of the US by now, by 4 months ago, really.  But a dozen things were still unfinished and I couldn’t. Now  I’ve accepted an offer to begin working at the University of Tabuk in September and am merely waiting for the official contract before I begin my visa process.  Tthat departure is 5 months away.  It might as well be 5 million lightyears distant for all the impatient longing I feel to go now.

I’ve always had what my mom called “itchy feet”.  As a girl I’d sometimes ask her, “can’t we just go somewhere?”  Back then a long Sunday drive was enough to satisfy me for a while.  Now, it takes something a little more adventurous than that, things I have neither the time nor the resources to do at the moment.  I will have.  Come September I’ll be leaving for the Middle East and a wild new adventure.  Planning for that helps ease the burn a little, but I’m already 75% packed, with a suitcase sitting mostly-ready to go in a closet not far from here.  I’ve hauled myself off to state parks and overnight camping trips and weekly kayaking excursions once in the last couple of months, and I’ll keep doing that, but it’s like drinking soda when what you really thirst for is a huge glass of iced water.  It will suffice, but it doesn’t satisfy.

So, here I am, thirsty, promising myself that one day soon my life will actually start again and I’ll be able to have what I want so much. But if you’ve ever been thirsty, really thirsty, you know having someone promise you that you’ll get water in a few minutes doesn’t soothe that primal instinct.