After work today, Janice (my co-worker and house-mate) and I decided to go check out the Dia de los Muertos Fair out in Rio Blanco (a suburb).  Since I’m getting a grip on lesson planning and such, I felt like I had a bit of time.  It was nice to finally see

Coolest clown shoes ever.

a bit more of town than just the neighborhood in which I live and work, and the bus ride was livened up by a clown entertaining the crowd for a few pesos.

The fair itself was fairly small and full of kitchy bits and bobs. I’m excited about Dia de los Muertos.  Janice and I have decided to go to Oaxaca for the long weekend, since it’s apparently THE place to be then. The food and decorations at the fair today just whetted my appetite for it all even more.

As we were leaving the fair, we noticed the coolest hotel across the street.  It’s front gate looked like somebody’s dungeon-and-bondage fueled idea of a castle, all black painted concrete with silvery decorations and a swank-looking set of arches.  We couldn’t help ourselves…we had to go see.  Beyond the gates, a long, curving stone drive led us past a second archway, flanked by suits of armor.  But, where was the hotel???  Around a second curve we stopped and Janice started to giggle.  The hotel was a series of curtained garages with a room above, and at first glance it looked a lot like a street full of small condos. And then a woman came around the corner and I got it.  It was a car motel.  You drive in.  You park. You hide the car behind the curtain. You go upstairs. You spend a few hours with your paid companion.  You leave.

Yeah…like that.

Now I understand the dungeon-and-bondage decor.