Mexico seems to have plagued me with late arrivals so far.  Nothing tragic, just irritating.  It started when I arrived in Mexico 10 hours late, after misery in ATL and waiting forever in Houston (p.s. avoid the Atlanta airport!).

Hostel Pochon: The ground floor courtyard is an open air dining room and lounging space.

Last night I packed myself off to the bus station, tickets already in hand, for a 5:45 bus down to Oaxaca.  I’ve got a long weekend and have been feeling a little homesick.  Going to see someplace new (someplace with tourists and hostels!) is usually a good cure for that.  So far, I’ve been right.  However, my 5:45 bus didn’t arrive until 6:25, and didn’t pull out of the station until 6:45.  That put me in Oaxaca a bit after 11, sufficiently after the time when city buses run.  I spent 25 minutes waiting at a parada – 10 minutes of which I spent vaguely answering the questions of some random obe who stopped to try and chat me up- before I gave up and waved down a taxi.  €40 pesos!  That’s really only about $3.50, but it’s twice what I would normally pay for a fairly short taxi ride.  Still it was late, in a strange city, and I was tired, so I coughed it up and got here safely.

Hostel Pochon is a pretty little place close to the historical district, and last night was the first time I’ve slept in a warm room since I got to Mexico.  So far I’ve had a great free breakfast and chatted with: two guys from N. Mexico; couples from Belgium, Australia, and Texas; a mother and son from France; and a family from California.  That makes me pretty happy.  I am looking forward to spending the weekend in the sunshine, playing ‘tourist’.

My cheerful little dorm room.

The balcony where I did yoga early this morning before anyone else was up.