Before I even came to Mexico I decided I was staying for Christmas.  I knew tickets would be expensive and also that going home after just 2 months, when I was fully in homesick mode and before I’d really made a circle of good friends, would make coming back really, really hard.  I know me.  I know how I function, so I also knew there was no way I could stay in Orizaba and just do “nothing” for Christmas.  Can we say 2 days in bed feeling sorry for myself??  Yeah.  Not pretty.

I am here!

I am here!

So I checked my bucket list and, guess what?  Chichen Itza!  What better way to spend a Christmas sans my peeps than to check off something on my list?  So, I looked at my guide book, surfed the net for further info, rechecked my budget, and made a plan.  Bus to Tulum, 5 days on the beach, over to Valladolid, 4 days doing Chichen Itza, Ek Balaam, and general sight-seeing, bus home.

Of course, in true American form, I assumed my plan would work out exactly as I wanted it to, and I waited until it was nearly time to go to bother booking anything.

Of course, I couldn’t find a hostel in Tulum available for the dates I had planned…SO, Valladolid first, Tulum after. That’s easy.  We can do that.

And then I went to the bus station to buy my tickets…and every bus to Valladolid was already full!  (eep!)  Not a happy camper!  But, with the help of the ticket agent we rerouted me to… Guess where?  Tulum!  From where I could catch any one of the bi-hourly buses back to Valladolid.  Okay.  That’s easy enough.  We can do that.

Of course, that meant that my carefully constructed, beautifully orchestrated, get-me-there-cheapest-in-the-least-time plan was completely wasted.  And it meant that getting me to my destination was an almost 24-hour journey, between the buses and the waiting in between.  BUT, I am here.  Successfully, safely, and quite comfortably.  I’m still vibrating from so much time on the road, but I’ve had food, taken a ridiculously long shower, and plonked myself comfortably onto my nice, clean, non-bunk-attached hostel bed.

I’m very much looking forward to getting out and exploring tomorrow, and getting to know the lovely colonial city of Valladolid.

For now, though I’m just going to be very, very still for a bit.  And contemplate why, exactly, I didn’t just plan to bring my car with me from the get-go!