So… I’ve been a horrible blogger the last few months and haven’t written anything.  It’s not that I haven’t done things.  But, as usually happens when I’m poor on a budget, I dropped my camera (twice) and it’s broken.  No pictures makes blogs booooring!

However, that’s still no excuse.  Especially given that I’ve been sitting on pictures from my last little side-trip for almost 2 months.

Forgive me.



On a cold, foggy, miserable weekend near the beginning of February, my housemate – Jennifer –  and I decided we’d had enough.  We had to get out of Orizaba and do something.  So, we looked at nearby areas, checked bus schedules, and aimed ourselves at Tehuacan.

It’s a city on the other side of our western mountains, about 2 hours by bus.  It boasted a dry, sunny climate and a few interesting churches and museums.  We thought, “Dry?  Sunny?  Just 85pesos for the bus?  Heck yeah!” and off we went.  It wasn’t much warmer than it was at home, but by the gods there was sun.  Lovely!

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(If I can pry pictures out of my friend, I’ll blog about Mexico City soon… I promise!)