Out-of-Character Political Rant *warning*

You know, you constantly hear all kinds of hubub in the media and on-line about this topic or that topic, and it’s usually so politically charged and biased that you can’t figure out if its totally true, entirely false, or just spin loosely based in truth. I usually err on the side of assuming its all codswallop and ignore 90% of it. Today, though, unless the document linked here is the most complicated of hoaxes (seriously, it’s linked directly from the supreme court web site), today’s uproar is actually true, and I have to admit to taking it very personally. READ it (pg 5-6 carry the verdict of the day), then get pissed.

The US supreme court has ruled 5 to 4 that corporations like Hobby Lobby don’t have to provide contraceptive healthcare coverage if it violates their “free exercise of religion”. Because of the way the Healthcare Act appears to be written, ALL forms of birth control- including drugs like RU-486 that terminate an early-stage pregnancy- are to be covered for free and it’s the free coverage of that which Hobby Lobby (where I will never shop again) has protested. The result of the decision appears to be that they don’t have to cover contraceptives at all, rather than that they must write special healthcare plans that do not include the pregnancy-terminating drugs in question (which I actually wouldn’t object to).

No one in mainstream American culture has seriously claimed birth control was morally wrong since 1965. Women here are educated, smart, and capable, and mainstream culture likes it that way, but “people” like this corporation seem to be waging a war against smart, capable, educated, autonomous women who choose not to procreate until they’re ready. Letting women make their own choices and live with them appears to violate some other asshole’s religious freedom, and we can’t have *that*. So they’re trying to stop us from preventing unwanted pregnancies. They certainly don’t want us to terminate them, but sweet baby Jesus knows they’re not going to pay for medicine, food, and college tuition for our 8 kids once they’re here, either. Thanks, bigoted, woman-hating, religious extremists for hammering down one more nail in the coffin-lid of my dying Christianity. May your smart, capable mothers be long-dead so they never had to see what a worthless piece of paleolithic-minded toilet floater you’ve turned out to be.  

And the same goes for you, Supreme Court of the United States, for not telling them to get stuffed over this.