Day 9

On this blustery, blowy morning, it was time to pack up and move on.  It took far longer than I wanted to pack up my gear, because the wind was gusting 15mph or better, making it nearly impossible to fold up the tent neatly.  I managed, after much cursing and struggling, and was on the road by 11.

I hadn’t had a lot of time in Estes Park the evening before, so I decided to stop at some of the spots I’d missed, take a few photos, and have a leisurely stroll around town before heading to Denver.

IMG_2586I definitely love Estes Park.  It’s a little place, maybe 5000 residents, but it’s quaint, artsy, and friendly, with a swift river running through the heart of it and more ice cream shops per city block than you can shake a stick at.  Yay!IMG_2593

After leaving Estes Park behind, I took the 2 hour drive to Denver.  It’s a big city, and I’m not really a “city” kind of girl most of the time.  However, my visit happened to coincide with the visit of one of my longest-held, most beloved friends, so my first evening in the city was spent in laughter and a little booze.

Day 10-11

IMG_2606I picked my boyfriend up at the airport late Saturday morning, and we had a lazy weekend of food and micro-breweries, highlighted by catching Wonder Woman at the theater, and visiting the fascinating Buffalo Bill museum just outside of town.

Denver is still just a big city, and not one that called me into it’s embrace, but I do have to appreciate the number of delicious restaurants and creative little breweries to be found.  I can recommend Dad & Dudes in Aurora as my fave!