Day 23

The drive from Glacier to Salt Lake City was long, tedious and uneventful. 12 hours in the car, 14 if you count a few stops for food, leg stretching, and bathroom breaks.

It was worth getting to SLC in one day though.  We had time Saturday to wander a farmer’s market, visit the Natural History Museum, eat delicious food, find some locally brewed beer, and let Hippie get flight-ready.  He was leaving for home on Sunday.


Day 24

I dropped Hippie off at the airport early in the morning, and decided since I was up and dressed I may as well do something fun.  Delicious breakfast at a local eatery- the Park Cafe, a wander around Liberty Park, and several hours spent at the Tracy Aviary, and finally a nap made for an awesome day.


Salt Lake City isn’t “home,” but I completely understand why people want to live there.  It’s beautiful.  The city sits on the edge of the mountains, on the hills above the Great Salt Lake, which shines in the distance.  In the historic city center, the streets are broad, very clean, lined with old brick houses, and dotted with parks and weekly farmer’s markets. There are a surprising number of hippie-folk given the Mormon background of the city, and far fewer homeless panhandlers than I’d expect for a place with such a mild climate. The city has a number of good programs to help support, train, and find employment for the homeless, and it seems to be working.  The snow-capped mountains are an incredible backdrop for an interesting, clean lovely city.

And did I mention the food???  I thought I’d died and gone to heaven when we found a place that serves hand crafted beers, spatzle, and schnitzel!