I’m Evie.  A few years ago I left teaching high school English in the United States to pursue writing and traveling as a full-time lifestyle, via TEFL (gotta to pay for my food and travel addictions somehow).  A native Floridian, I love warm weather and sunshine, and moved to Central America for a while to have more of those things while I wrote and explored.  Of course, I bounce back and forth to the states from time to time.  I am currently back in Florida dealing with my Mom’s illness, but I’m holding out hope that I’ll get to get back to traveling soon.  In my free time, in addition to writing, I practice Yoga, hike, meditate, take photographs, and read.  I love a good practical joke, good beer, sand under my toes, new adventures, and lots of food.  I am blessed to have a large, supportive body of friends and family who never doubt that I’ll be able to do what I set out to do.  I have a strong personal philosophy about living life with love and energy, and I try to see to it that everything I do reflects that. Through this blog and my other writing I hope I will be able to share a little of my own journey and empower others to chase after self discovery and fulfillment above all else.