Sometimes poetry I write

Not always good, but all right

So I’ll share what I create

In hopes that you’ll relate

And my efforts appreciate.


The sky pinkens over green

Swathed mountains; sister moon,

Llena, hangs early in the

Eastern sky.  Soon families

Will gather ‘round, then tuck in,

But for this one silent

Moment day balances night

And peace pulls close in.  Light’s

Last humming flier buzzes

Past dark’s first fluttering

Hunter, while jeweled locusts bridge

The horizons with sound,

Farewelling sapphire and

Welcoming onyx.  Sweet

Musk of ylang-ylang entwines with

Cena’s spicy lure.  The

Earth takes a breath, waiting, as

Day’s southern breeze fades to

Stillness.  Night, en pointe, pauses.

Niña’s laugh rings uphill;

In the valley, perro barks

In single harmony

And in a rush the dancer

Twirls past, leaps wide, and the

Curtain closes… Fín.


Que Falta

The wanting of a heart and that which has

Been denied crash head-on, a shattering

Shaking ache of longing which life holds, as

Though forbidden fruit, just out of reaching,

Dangling the hope of joy and beauty

But never the half-spoken word keeping.

Hope held, as stars in the sky, above thee,

Glittering diamond bright, full enticing,

A siren’s song of fulfillment made not

Full, leaves empty a heart desiring

For love and completion. Sorrow burns, hot,

Fevered, a tossing nightmare of wasting

Hours, weeks, years.  Lost and bereft I stand,

What I long for beyond reach of my hand.